About me

In 2016 I graduated from the international film school cologne with a bachelor in digital film arts – visual arts. During my time at film school, I was lucky enough to experience most major aspects in filmmaking. I made sure to study lighting and camera work, by working as Gaffer and Camera assistant on set. My work as vfx supervisor also meant that I was involved in preproduction, as well as post-production pipeline development. Be it conforming footage, preparing nuke scripts in nuke studio, being involved with color correction or delivering final dcp’s to cinema projection.

After graduating, I worked at RiseFX in Berlin, starting as a compositor on various projects (Cpt. America Civil War, Renegades etc.) and then transitioning to the fx department to work on Dr. Strange.

September that same year, I moved to Montreal Canada where I was employed as FX artist at MPC on a wide range of interesting projects (Alien covenant, the mummy, Wonder Woman, Jumanji etc).

Currently, I am located in San Francisco, USA,  working with students at the Academy of Arts Studio X.  I am focusing on improving the existing pipeline and further develop my skills as an FX TD, be it scripting in Vex, Python, OpenGL or by building tools for some of the ongoing projects.