Fulbright, San Francisco and roadmap


I am very honoured to have been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, which will enable me to attend an academic year at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.


It will definitely be an interesting change to go back to study, in the US nonetheless!  I am excited to attend the master of visual effects program.


So what is the roadmap ?  

During my time in the states, I will have time to focus on some aspects of VFX that often get left by the roadside during production.

In more details that means :

Improvements of my Python and Vex abilities. I am perfectly capable of using small snippets or writing less complex code, however, it is very situational (I need point x to do y based on z). My GitHub could use some more projects though.

I would like to invest more time getting acquainted with proper scripting and programming.  That also means that I will look into


C# and OpenCL



Especially in Houdini OpenCL is slated to become much more important with the upcoming 16.5 and 17 releases.

A very knowledgeable colleague of mine (which you will know by his online handle ANIMATRIX) gave me a push in the right direction and good pointers as to where to start.

This will be the main focus. Books I will be looking at are the GPU Gems Series by Nvidia.


Personal work

Finally, finish that big Destruction shot I keep putting off. Lets face it, its not always pick and choose in production.

I just happened to do a lot of fluids and particle work over the last 2 years, and comparatively little in terms of rigid bodies.

So i will take some of my time to finally apply all that knowledge that has been accumulating in recent time.  It also means I will be uploading some of my otls and setups I’ve been creating recently.



These are my milestones for the next 10 months.

During my time at the Academy of Arts, I will also be taking classes in Lighting/Shading and one focussed on pipeline development and directing.

Up for discussion is also my involvement in the AAU’s Studio X in some sort of TD/Lead position. If the project is right, I might be able to fulfil a lot of my goals while working on some exciting projects.